La División Científica del Grupo VERDER sigue expandiéndose en todo el mundo

El consorcio holandés VERDER ha afianzado sus actividades comerciales internacionales con la ampliación de su gama de productos. Además de centrar sus actividades en las áreas clásicas de laboratorio y análisis, ahora se suman los ensayos de materiales a alta temperatura y el análisis físicoquímico de muestras.

The VERDER Group consists of the two main business units Liquids (positive displacement pumps) and Scientific (laboratory equipment). With more than 800 employees and subsidiaries in 19 countries the group generates an annual turnover of 160 million Euros. The core of the VERDER Scientific Division has long been formed by the renowned companies RETSCH and RETSCH TECHNOLOGY and has now been extended by ENDECOTTS Ltd., ELTRA GmbH and CARBOLITE Ltd.. Dr. Juergen Pankratz was appointed Director of the VERDER Scientific Division.

ELTRA, now located under the same roof as RETSCH in Germany, is specialized in elemental analysis of organic and inorganic materials such as coal and steel. CARBOLITE is a leading manufacturer of high-temperature furnaces for a variety of applications in industrial laboratories as well as in science and R&D. The British company produces customized furnaces for quality control of materials and stress tests in a temperature range up to 1,800 °C. Uniting the companies under the umbrella of VERDER Scientific produces synergetic effects for all parties. With the latest acquisitions the VERDER Group strengthens its position as leading supplier of system solutions for sample preparation and analysis of solids. The group provides a global network of subsidiaries offering competent customer support.