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Tamizadora AS 450 basic

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    The Expert Guide "Sieve Analysis - Taking a close look at quality" is a new marketing tool which will help you at your sales activities. This compendium of 52 pages provides detailed information on our business segment "Sieving" - necessary backgroud for the consultation of customers.

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Recycled glass - a valuable resource
Today, recycled glass is the most important resource for the glass industry. The processed glass can be reintroduced to the melting process any number of times and made into new products. In Germany, currently up to 95 % of recycled glass is used for producing glass, which has various advantages: energy saving, less consumption of primary raw materials (such as lime and silica sand) and the reduction of landfill costs for waste glass.
Scrap turned into raw materials: End-of-life vehicles re-used
The EU directive 2000/53/EG stipulates that as of 2015 95 % of the weight of a car that has reached the end of its life span have to be recycled. The work of ARN is strongly focused on this objective. Together with partner companies they make sure that old cars are processed in an environmentally compliant way. The recycling chain begins with the companies that dismantle the car and remove raw materials and liquids. Waste management companies collect these materials and deliver them to the processing companies who reuse the materials in accordance with high production standards.

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NEW DIMENSIONS in sample preparation and particle analysis

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